Ready Warm 8400 Bladeless Connected Cecotec Heater

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Bladeless heater with 1500 W, Wi-Fi control, remote control, touch, LED display, 3 modes, oscillation, timer and triple security system.

Technical characteristics:

• The heater has a great power of 1500 W with which to quickly heat the room in which it is located.

• Its bladeless technology provides the heater with great heat distribution and safety in this process, as well as being quieter and easily washable.

• Comfortable control thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to control the heater from our smartohone. It also has a remote control and touch panel.

• Its LED display shows the current temperature of the room and thanks to it other functions of the heater can be selected.

• It has 3 operating modes: Fan mode, Low mode (reduces consumption to 750 W) and High mode (maximum consumption of 1500 W).

• It is capable of oscillating 60º to distribute the heat more evenly throughout the room in which it is located.

• It has a timer of up to 12 hours, thanks to it you can select the desired operating time. Your settings are displayed on the LED screen.

• Total safety thanks to its triple safety system: auto-off in case of overturn, protection against overheating and without blades, ideal for children.

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