Magimix 11706 Nespresso Vertuo Next - White

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The next big cup is here, with a rich crema in every cup

The Vertuo's unique Centrifusion technology and specially crafted dedicated range of capsules allow you to start your day with a Mug (230ml) in the morning, an Espresso (40ml) or Double Espresso (80ml) after lunch and a Gran Lungo (150ml) later in the afternoon.

The contemporary and sleek design will fit into any kitchen. Now made from 54% recycled plastic for a more sustainable future.

The Vertuo Next connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to update its software to take your coffee experience to the next level.

• Five cup sizes, for every fancy
A single elegant machine. 5 coffee cup sizes at your fingertips. From easy-to-drink Carafe Pour-Over Style (535 mL) to classic Coffee Mug (230 mL), or balanced Gran Lungo (150 ml). And of course, intense single (40 ml) or double (80 ml) Espresso. Sealed in single-serve coffee pods for a fresh brew, from field to cup.

• Centrifusion Technology
Using Nespresso's patented Centrifusion technology, the Vertuo Next coffee machine liberates the flavours and aromas within each blend. By spinning the ground coffee in each recyclable Vertuo coffee pod up to 4,000 times a minute. Straight into your cup, and with the crema to match. Providing you with an expertly brewed cup, time after time.

• To each blend, its coffee
Brewed coffee now also means tailored coffee with the Vertuo Next machine. Nespresso's smart extraction system recognises your selected Vertuo coffee pod from the code on its rim, and adjusts the brewing parameters accordingly. To help fully reveal the treasures nestled in each coffee capsule. There's no need to change settings. Simply press the single button and enjoy every brew.

• Up, to date / Keeping up with the times
To make sure your coffee machine never falls behind, Nespresso's Vertuo Next updates itself automatically via WiFi. For a constantly seamless coffee brewing experience. So that you can focus on enjoying quality brewed coffee long into the future. From one cup, to the next.

• With every cup
We cultivate some of the finest coffee in the world that preserves our best of our world. With human care and creativity.

• Commitment that bears fruit
Through our AAA Sustainable Quality TM Program, we pay above market prices for coffee, and invest in social programs such as pensions and insurance, to ensure coffee farming is a profitable business for future generations.

• Doing is everything
We commit that by 2022 your cup of Nespresso will be fully carbon neutral. We are continuing to reduce the footprint of each cup and are expanding tree planting in and around coffee farms to compensate the remaining emissions of a cup of Nespresso with our NGO partners Rainforest Alliance and PUR Project.

• How to order your capsules?
You can easily order your Nespresso capsules for delivery to the address of your choice.

Internet: Place your orders easily at, 24/7.

Phone: Contact our Coffee Specialists during weekdays.

Nespresso on Mobile: Download our apps available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

• Machine Assistance
In case you need assistance for your machine, call Nespresso. You will receive an immediate technical diagnosis and a solution to your problem. If your Nespresso machine needs repairing, Nespresso will collect your machine and will deliver you a loan machine, free of charge (subject to conditions)

• Coffee Varieties
Nespresso offers a wide variety of Coffees to satisfy every taste at any moment of the day. All Nespresso Coffees can also be enjoyed with milk or milk froth to create a variety of different recipes such as Cappuccinos, Lattes and Macchiatos.

• Recycling
Nespresso offers complimentary recycling services to all of its customers. Recycle your used coffee capsules at your nearest Nespresso boutique, drop off at a Recycling Collection Point, or order a Bulk Collection.

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