Russell Hobbs - Satisfry Medium 4 litre Capacity Air Large - 27160

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Russell Hobbs Satisfry Medium 4 Litre Air Fryer 27160

Enjoy carefree cooking that’ll save you time and energy in the kitchen with the Russell Hobbs Satisfry Medium. Easy touch screen controls and 10 pre-set programmes allow you to make a wide range of dishes with no fuss, or mess. While air fry technology circulates temperatures up to 220 °C – with little or no oil required. So, if you think cooking from scratch can be time-consuming and messy, think again!

4-Litre Capacity
The SatisFry Air Medium has a generous 4L capacity, which is large enough to hold a maximum 800g capacity of chips. 500g is recommended for best browning results.

Air Fry Technology
Save time and energy. Air fry technology circulates super-heated air at high speed, with temperatures up to 220°C.

10 Pre-set Programmes
Ten pre-set functions allow you to select specific programmes for different food types: French fries, eggs, chicken, vegetables, air fry, bake, grill, dehydrate, cook from frozen and reheat. This means you'll enjoy your favourites just how you like them!

Digital Touchscreen Display
Stay in control of your cooking, from setting the temperature to programming the cooking method. It's easy to wipe clean too.

Energy saving
Saves up to 46% energy compared to a conventional oven.

Shake Reminder
The shake reminder is an alarm that sounds halfway through the cooking cycle, for foods like chips and nuggets that need a shake for that delicious, crispy crunch.

Dishwasher safe parts
The removable non-stick coated fry basket and crisping plate are dishwasher safe** and can be removed after every use, for ease of cleaning in the sink or dishwasher.

Timer with auto shut-off
Set the timer for up to 60 minutes at a time on most programs and manual settings, and up to 24 hours on the dehydrate programme. If you leave the appliance switched on when you've finished using it, it automatically shuts off after 20 seconds.

Variable temperature control
Set to the correct temperature for the food you're cooking. For example, starchy foods may need to cook at higher temperatures than delicate foods.

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