TEFAL Pro Express Care - GV9061

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Perfect results. 2X more protection for your linen*
High-Pressure Steam Generator GV9061 Red and WhiteWith Pro Express Care, give your garments the care they deserve. Its double protection keeps garments looking their best, while high-pressure steam and 3 optimal steam-temperature settings ensure perfectly ironed fabrics.

Reference: GV9061


Ultra fast and powerful ironing with ultimate garment care

Pro Express Care is the high-pressure steam generator that cares for your garments. Its double protection brings you peace of mind: the exclusive Protect System changes dirty droplets into steam, preventing stains, while the calc collector makes calc removal easy. Featuring smart technology, it provides 3 optimal combinations of steam and temperature that are perfectly adapted to your fabrics. Its powerful steam pressure and steam boost function ensure perfect ironing, even on the thickest of fabrics, saving you time. Rounding it all off are a high-glide AutoClean soleplate, a lock system for easy and safe transport, and a removable water tank for convenient refilling.

*Appliance combining Protect System and Calc Collector

  • Perfect results in a single touch

    Exclusive smart technology : 3 electronic pre-settings to ensure the perfect combination of steam and temperature for each fabric, in a single touch.

  • Time saving

    High-pressure steam penetrates fabrics to ease your ironing.


    • Very powerful

      Steam boost for increased steam output to iron thick fabrics and remove unwanted creases.

    • Easy & efficient anti-calc solution

      The calc collector provides easy removal of calc deposits from the boiler, ensuring a longer life for your device and long lasting steam performance.

    • Protect system

      Exclusive Protect System technology prevents stains on your garment. Integrated in the iron, it breaks dirty droplets that can remain and transform them into steam. It is the ultimate barrier against dirty droplets for a complete garment care.

      • Easy and safe transport

        Lock your ironing appliance for easy and safe transport.

        AutoClean soleplate

        • Perfect glide and long-lasting performance.

        • Convenient

          The removable water tank can be filled at any time during the ironing session.

        • Ingenious

          The steam cord can be stored around the base of the product.

        • Sanitize

          Kills up to 99,99% bacteria : thanks to the combination of temperature and steam pressure, your high pressure steam generator kills up to 99.99% of bacteria from all ironable fabrics.


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